Git post commit hook

Like every other version constrol systems, Git has a method to execute custom scrips when particular actions occur. We are calling it Git Hooks.

How git hook works

Every Git repository has a .git/hooks folder. Where you can add/update these scrips as whenever you need to. So Git will execute these scripts when particular actions occur.

Post commit

Post commit hook is invoking by git commit. It takes no parameter, and is invoked after a commit is made.

Real world example

Following post-commit hook is useful if you are managing Github Project Pages. We have to place this post-commit file under .git/hooks/. Make sure post-commit file has execute permisson. This hook will fire when you commit changes to the master branch, and sync master branch changes to gh-pages.

1 #!/bin/sh
2 # Filepath - .git/hooks/post-commit
3 # Mirror master in gh-pages. 
4 git checkout gh-pages
5 git merge master
6 git checkout master

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